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The Prices

I don't have set prices; All events are priced individually. So when you phone to discuss a quote & a possible booking it will based on the type of function you are enquiring about. Location of the venue, times of the booking, access in to the venue & distance I may have to travel.

I find that this way I will never over charge you for your event. Early set up time can be arranged for an extra fee when booking.

If on the night your party is going with a bang and you and your guest are having a great time & consider going on a while longer with your party I don't have a problem with that and the extra fee can be negotiated on the night or prior to your function.

The average time for a disco is normally four to five hours but time scale is not a problem.

My price structure is at a competitive rate and in line with other professional DJ's. And yes you may find another disco quote cheaper elsewhere. But just to remind you, you get what you pay for! So for the sake of saving a few extra pounds on another disco that may leave you disappointed at the end of your evening. Paying that little extra will ensure you and your guests will have a fantastic evening. With everyone leaving with the feeling of wanting more. Instead of leaving with thought of wishing the evening had gone better. Unfortunately it can happen and has happened to those that book a disco in the lower end price range.

So for your special occasion.You want the best. A Dj that is a professional one with a professional set up and dressed looking professional. Not a Dj that is doing disco's for easy money who will turn up with minimum equipment and lacking a full music collection, playing the music he or she likes and wearing jeans & tee shirt. This is not professional!

So feel free to contact me by phone or E-mail for a chat to go over your special requirements for your special event. I will do my best to quote a price you'll be happy with and in the knowledge that you will be booking a professional for your function. This can only give you peace of mind. 

Look forward in catching up with you for an informal chat.

The Contract

Once we have gone over all the requirements, details & fixed a price for your special event. Two contracts will be sent out to you to secure the booking. One for you to go over all the details and check that they are all correct which than is signed by yourself and return to me. I ask for a small deposit, which is non refundable. This can be by cheque,cash or BACS Your choice. The other copy is for you to retain. This is a duplicate of the details of your booking and is signed by myself which will secure you booking with me. For any unfortunate circumstances i can't cover this booking i will make sure to get a replacement DJ for your function.

A play list may be requested at the time of booking. It will then be sent out the same time as the contracts. Just fill it out with a few tracks that you would really like to be played through out your evening. I will do my best to try and play them during the course of the evening.

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