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Your Wedding

As your wedding is the most important day of the Bride & Grooms life and you will spend a long time planning this special day, Ie
1.The Dress
2.The Cake
3.The Photographer
4.The Venue
5. The Catering
6. The Cars
7. The Flowers
8. And The List Goes On!

It's now time to book your Entertainment for this special occasion.

The Disco enertainment can be one of the last thing to be arranged but play's a very big part in finishing the whole of your special day off.

A professional DJ will  make all the difference to your evening reception. Which you and your guests will remember for a long time if a great time has been had. It will be essential for us to catch up and have an informal chat with you right from the start, To find out your requirements for this special event. Because after all this is YOUR special day. 

Questions we will need to cover things like your first dance, Just the Bride & the Groom to do the first dance of the night. You might like your guests to join in with you both a little way through the track or dance the whole song on your own. A possible second slow dance for the guests to join in. Some brides like to do a father & bride dance  and also the groom might like to have a dance with his mother at some point during the evening. Sometimes it's nice to know of any music you may have danced to or had a funny moment with on your hen or stag night or a piece of of music you did something funny to which might be fun to play during the evening. I have the experience of providing all the 'little' added touches that will make those special moments Just that little EXTRA special! I will also take the worry out of things like timings for your cake cutting & any speeches that may need to be done throughout the evening and the tossing of the brides bouquet as well as any other requirements you may need to cover. I will also do any other announcements that may need to be done during the evening. This will allow you to fully enjoy your evening without the worry. I now use a laser text which put your names up in lights for you and your guests to see. PLease see in photo's. A traditional arch way with the new Mr & Mrs  going through to say goodbye to all your guests or a circle of love can also be done with all your guests in a big circle with your self's in the middle you can than both can go in to any direction to say goodbye to the guests or simply dance in the middle of the circle, a music track can be chosen by your self's or i can play something appropriate. This a lovely way of  finishing your evening off and a way of saying a big thanks to all your family and friends for being there on your special day. It's a nice send off for you both and an heartfelt acknowledgement for them.

As a professional DJ I carry a vast music collection to cover ages from 5 - 95 and if you have a lot of child guests at your reception I can play children's music early in the evening to keep the younger ones entertained. But if preferred, I can also play background music at a low volume for evening guests to arrive so you can meet and greet your guests with comfortable music level.

As a professional I have the ability to watch the reaction on the dance floor. This enables me to work out the audiences taste in music and keep the dance floor buzzing. If you would like to compile a play list of some of your favourite tracks to have played throughout your evening. This can be compiled and sent to me at the time of booking or supplied by email or phone at a date nearer to the special day It's just something else you wont have to worry about later.    I will do my best to play as many of them as I can throughout the night.

On the night I will always ask your guests during the evening if they would like any requests played  and for the shy ones i will display my mobile number that guests can text requests and i will do my best to fit them in throughout the evening.

Early set up time of equipment can be arranged prior to you arriving at your venue also the use of a PA system & radio microphone can be set up for any speeches and background music played during your wedding breakfast, additional cost will occur for any of the above, please ask for a quote if this is something you require. It as become very popular for the use of up lighters or mood lighting to be used in the function room to illuminate the whole area in your chosen colour which enhances the look of your room & your colour theme. These can be set to what ever your colour scheme is on your special day or a colour of your choice. After the disco starts the up lighters can be set to chase all the colours throughout the rest of the night just like disco lights! I use four up lighters on my normal set up and can be used the same as above at NO extra cost!  Pictures in photo gallery.The extra cost for eight or more up lighters to go around the room can be add at an additional charge! I now supply a 32" Led TV so if you have any wedding photo's that you would like to show your evening guests please ask when you are making a booking.

I aim to fully understand all your requirements and will make your wedding reception as professional, enjoyable, pleasant and stress free as possible, and will always dress and perform in a professional manner to make your wedding reception a memorable one. If you hopefully make a booking with me you will have the piece of  mind your be booking not just a disco! but a full time professional DJ

If you have any concerns or any questions please don't hesitate to contact me and ask!

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